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emily: patience doesn't mean waiting around forever. it means waiting around until a resolution is reached. until a conclusion can be drawn. well, now that you're done done, i have a question. i just got rejected. badly. here. drink. thank you. emily: what happened? she said she doesn't want to be my practice relationship. what?! captioning sponsored by toyota. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. the problem, a bay area neighborhood overrun by deer. the solution, surgery. the ambitious plan to spay more than 100 wild does. >> new water, new rules. what you need to know before you start venting about your job or your boss online. buzz before the game and buzz after the game. >> and $4 million for just 30 seconds. how advertisers hope to get you hooked and cash in on the super bowl this year.
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good evening, i'm ken bastida. and i'm elizabeth cook. in fairy tales, deer are usually loving creatures, the reality, not so much. a senior citizen complex has come up with a plan. the plan involves the does, but not the bucks. kit. >> liz, the neighbors tell us this is the time of night when the deer come out, start eating your rose bushes and leaving deer droppings in the yard. this is a problem that has been exploding in the last couple years and now is the time to do something about it. here at the gated community, known as the villages, the deer figured out what seniors knew, it is a great place to live. 24 hour security keeps predators out, while the golf course leaves a buffet. it is 1200 acres of wildlife. >> all that food and all that open terrain. it is deer paradise.
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>> the deer population has doubled. now about 170 deer are roaming about. management wouldn't talk on camera or allow us to shoot video on the property. but the deer caused car accidents, damaged landscape to the tune of $150,000 a year. so starting this weekend, workers will tranquilize the does and spay them. they recover faster from the surgery. dwayne with wildlife emergency services says it's a novel idea. >> i think it is creative. it's worth a try, but unless that sense of integrity is kept in check and controlled, i think that this will help, but i don't think it's a real long- term solution. >> the other part of the plan, relocate entire deer families to the nearby hills. shawn o'callahan has lived at the villages for eleven years
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and says they will come right back up. >> are you going to put up signs? i don't know. how are you going to keep them out? >> everyone we talked to today love the deer. say leave them alone. if all this sounds extreme, consider the alternative. two years ago, the management here floated the idea of shooting the deer with bows and arrows. live in san jose, cbs 5. people are lined up to talk about a plan to hire the guy known as the super cop. cbs 5 reporter, juliette goodrich, on the opposition. julia. >> reporter: that super cop, a police consultant comes with a hefty price tag, $250,000. right now, city council chambers in oakland are packed and there are three over flow rooms and hundreds of people voicing opinions about what to do about the violence on the streets. >> what he is doing elsewhere,
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it doesn't mean it's going to work here. if that's the case, then go next door to richmond. >> many oakland residents at the meeting tonight are furious the city would spend that amount of money on an outside consulting team. oakland activists voicing concerns about the zero tolerance policy and new york city's controversial stop and frisk policy linked with racial profiling. >> we know what it means, any young black or brown person that fits the profile will be subject to being harassed. >> why are you pegging them if other departments are doing that as well right now with chp and jurisdictions? >> that's the mantra. and it is something that we are trying to move the department here in oakland away from. >> the oakland city council had a number of items on the
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agenda. the top priority is that issue about the police consultant, bill. they expect to be here well into the morning hours. juliette goodrich, cbs 5. >> a bay area director's feature film about oscar grant has been the breakout hit of the sun dance film festival this year. the movie is titled, fruit vail. it's a drama about the day leading up to the new year's day shooting. it was so popular that it sparked a bidding war to distribute the film. the winner was independent power house, harvey weinstein, who distributed last year's oscar winner, "the artist." a fight outside a community college turned into the nation's latest campus shooting. three people were sent to the hospital with gun shot wounds. the violence prompted a quick response from police and an evacuation of the students. >> we couldn't actually hear
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what they were arguing about. we could hear them arguing. the shooter, actually, you know, he said i don't want to fight you. i'm not trying to go to jail. he turned away from the situation. but whatever they said turned around, and started shooting. >> the apparent target of the shooting is in critical condition. the gunman accidentally shot himself as well. the other victim was a maintenance man caught in the cross fire. classes will reopen tomorrow. meantime, first responders are developing a new game plan for this kind of emergency. bob orr shows us the changing and aggressive strategy for confronting a gunman on campus. >> what you are watching is a training exercise at george mason university near washington. it began with reports of an active shooter, lately armed
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police officers rushed into the basketball arena and towards the sound of gun shots. they did not know the number of gunmen or if hostages had been taken. drew says the officers made the right move, first responders should not wait for backup. >> do all the teaching now. if one officer can respond and have the visual on the suspect or know where that individual is, we're telling them to make entry immediately. >> the officers moved fast. following their training, they bypassed the wounding and focused on finding the shooter. the goal, to cut off paths and corner the gunman. >> if you look at the incidents that occurred, and when have they taken their lives? >> getting one officer in there, can put pressure on the suspect and disrupt what he is doing. >> that's correct. >> this kind of accelerated police action has rethinking of
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tactics, prompted by the poor response of the massacre at columbine high school. first responders waited for s.w.a.t. teams to arrive. even as the attack continued. >> prior to columbine, isolate and wait. now it's not. it's train your first responders, equip your first responders and go at an aggress i have situation. >> it is mentally demanding. in this classroom shooting drill, officer james was the first cop through the door. >> how do you make yourself go toward the sound of gunfire? >> it's not easy. it's a lot of training. human instinct is to run from gun shots. we are the people that are going to the gun shots. >> so police continue to sharpen their response plans. that won't stop mass shootings, but it could make a life or death difference when violence
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erupts. fair fax, virginia. are there times when trashing your boss online is okay? yes. according to the national labor relations board. cbs 5 reporter says complaints within limits are an employee's right. and they can't get fired for it. >> why does she even administer here? >> my boss -- >> do not do business with this company. >> these worker complaints come from social media. joel said he would use facebook or twitter to rant, too. >> maybe you are mad and want to vent. >> if he did, it would be his right on social media if he were do it to improve his workplace. that's according to the labor relations board. >> linda of the northern california aclu says the board has affirmed that the same freedoms workers have around the water cooler also extend to social media. >> it may not be flattering
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for an employee to say gosh, they are unsafe working conditions here. i'm worried about this, the safety of myself and fellow coworkers. but that protects speech. >> here's what you can or can't do when criticizing your boss. it's okay to complain along with other employees for the purpose of improving salaries, benefits, or working conditions. it's not okay to vent by yourself. for example, the nlrb upheld the firing of a bartender who was so upset at not getting a raise, he posted facebook comments hoping his customers would choke on glass. the social media policy cannot be a blanket statement. instead of staying don't post confidential information, they need to be specific and say don't post trade secrets. some would rather not criticize on or offline. >> it's not appropriate. >> the national labor board forced giants like target and costco to rewrite their social
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media policies, but gave high marks to wal-mart for making its policy more specific. cbs 5. they have become as popular as the super bowl itself. we're talking about those ads and they get more elaborate and more expensive every year. cbs 5 reporter gives us a sneak peek at some of this year's offerings. here's a preview of super bowl xlvii ad. they are selling soda, candy, and cards to pick out just some of the commercials. and at $4 million for a 30 second ad, the strategy is using social media. >> buzz before the game and buzz after the game means that spot of yours won't just be seen during the game. >> michelle at golden gate university says seeing the commercial before the game can score big points. >> i think there's more contest, a little bit.
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some of them are offering prizes. you have a chance if you see the ad, to win. >> example, coca-cola's ad. click on their site and decide who bins the race and how the commercial should end on super bowl day. so the viewer sees the commercial and coca-cola didn't pay a dime. it turns into having a life of its own and you have a chance to be talked about in a way you don't if you are advertising somewhere else. mercedes-benz leaked its ad on its facebook page today, encouraging the buzz. thousands of likes and dozens of comments about this objective commercial. >> well, the commercial that started all the buzz, that was the 1984 apple commercial. a one minute long vision introducing the new computer. it cost $900,000 and it aired
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only once, that one day, but it is considered one of the most successful super bowl ads ever. i think you remember it. >> we didn't show all of them. >> no. yeah, you didn't see half of them. >> it eliminates the idea that you take a break to go to the bathroom. you have to stay and watch. you can't turn away. >> especially this year, the niners. >> absolutely. well real 49er fans, they're not thinking about commercials. they are bleeding red and gold. that's right, at the very least, they are getting red and gold ink. >> i'm going to disney land. >> i'm going to disney world. >> it's been a while since the 49ers found themselves at the big game. what changed and what stayed the staple? and kenny's mustache for super bowl xxix. ,,,,,,,,,,
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niners and ravens playing ie t just great for yeah, there it is. the big easy. having the niners and ravens play in the super bowl isn't just great for the fans, it's great for the new orleans economy. two weeks out, jackson square almost transformed. other projects are going on all over town. small businesses, especially local breweries are getting ready for the influx of fans and the media. there was a time when the 49ers made a habit of mayoff runs and trips to the super
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bowl. it's been a while. the team's last super bowl trip was in 1995. almost two decades ago. the cbs 5 reporter reminds us what it was like to be a niners fan back then. >> i just loved every minute of it. >> niner fans celebrated super bowl xxix wearing glasses as big as this. actually, wearing the same glasses. they came back over 18 years. a democratic president, but one who enjoyed killing ducks and shooting weapons. they showed off the latest gear in 1995, which included advanced games. yosemite sam was big. as for the players you played it on. maybe you were typing an e-mail about the big storms. >> boy, they had a lot of rain fall in california. >> big storms and floods did a lot of damage. >> the mayor giuliani, very
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passionate man, he air lifted guys to los angeles. >> this case is about a rush to judgment. >> also in los angeles, an obsession in 1994 and '95, a guy named o.j. simpson was accused of killing his wife. lopez was even interviewed by l.a. police detective, mark furman. anybody who was anybody covered that case. we were all a bit younger, 18 years, to be exact. >> what are you going to do next? >> i'm going to disney land. >> i'm going to disney world. cbs 5. >> looks good. >> today there was a guy in vallejo who made his love for the 49ers permanent. that's right. he got a 49er tattoo. the die hard fan had a tattoo
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artist put the team logo on his leg and he says he is doing this for his team. >> i will be a 49er until death. i'm looking forward to a lot of good things to come. >> i was with him. i'm glad it was he and not me. if you happen to be thinking about commemorating the niners for life, l.a. ink is offering a special the day before the game. $49 for a 49er tattoo. and -- >> it's a bargain. >> you get your money's worth for $49. >> you do. and the 49ers fever is popping up everywhere these days. >> we asked for your photos and they are pouring in. take a look. ashley is ready to go with a full ensemble and the eye black. >> janet morello sent us this shot of her 49ers viewing
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coffee, she calls them. >> and we think his name is zorro and there's a beer can just out of view there. >> and the harbaugh brothers, we need some music in the background. here you see steve in hayward and his brother, john, on the east coast. can you tell where they are? >> finally, this picture came to us with nothing more than a subject line. it reads, die hard fans. >> i think i have to get a tattoo. >> are you a 49er super fan? sure you are. prove it. how are you getting ready for the big game? send us your photos. e-mail us at or upload your photos. we'll feature some of your pictures throughout this newscast and others. tonight at 11:00 on cbs 5 and on our facebook page as well. >> and we are sending a team
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of reporters. our coverage will include dennis o'donnell. they will be joined by michelle. >> the low for san francisco tonight, 49 minus one. down to 48 degrees. all these temperatures above freezing because we have cloud cover. we'll talk about the forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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did you ever sport a mustache? >> no, but i grow a goatee whenever i'm on vacation. i have to have a heck of a vacation to match ken bastida, that's for sure. >> peek outdoors today, we are seeing that glean blob? that's some rain heading in our direction. we'll be talking about showers. we need it. livermore, 14% for january. san jose, 11%. san francisco running at 3% of our normal rain fall. here's what we have going on
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with satellite and radar. what we see here is moisture moving in from the south and west. it's going to keep moving up and we'll have a front coming down from the north and those two will collide. it's not going to be widespread, but any rain fall. showers are back tomorrow as that front moves through. that's the leading edge of a pattern change, rather than the big bubble of high pressure. now we have to look to low pressure to keep us somewhat cooler, cloudier with a couple rain chances in the forecast over the next seven days. rain fall totals for tomorrow, really not that much. north of the golden gate, a quarter inch of rain fall. less than a tenth of an inch for most of you. moving from north to south during the day tomorrow. wet through wednesday evening until sunrise. another round of rain fall will move in for the weekend. highs tomorrow, we're talking only upper 50s and low 60s. cooler than we have in the last
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few days. san jose 52. walnut creek will have 59 degrees tomorrow. livermore 61. samona, showers in the afternoon. partly sunny, a couple degrees milder. we cloud up on saturday and showers return on sunday. now you have me thinking about this mustache. where did it go? >> yeah, where did a lot of things go? >> you reminded me of clint eastwood. >> make my day. >> i'm in good company then. >> we have the most deserving super bowl 49er and we break out the exclusive, next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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numbers despite season after ever since he was in 2005, he put up pro bowl numbers despite season after season of losing. not anymore. he is super bowl bound and nobody worked harder to earn it. >> e with came along way as a team. >> suffered two knee injuries in college that allowed the 49ers to pick him in the third round of the 2005 draft. since then, he became the 49ers all-time rusher. including this game winner. >> guy like frank who busted his butt for a long time, you know, he deserves to be in the spotlight. everybody deserves to know. not just how great he has been, but when he came into the league in 2005. >> the first san jose goal, then the power play.
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then, joe thornton finds patrick who scores the third goal of the game and then the same combination for the fourth. big show for marlowe. gets his second goal of the night, off the rebound right here, and then for good measure, marc-edouard puts in the 6th san jose goal. they beat edmondton. we have a shocking story coming up at 11:00. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get u-verse tv for $29 a month for six months. at&t.

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